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SKYE by Nominum Brand & Website
Redwood City, CA

The next generation of DNS software . takes off
In 1983, Paul Mockapetris founded DNS. Years later, he would be the co-founder of Nominum, the world's leading provider of DNS software and security products. Nominum engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to handle the launch of their new brand, SKYE by Nominum. SKYE is a cloud computing service that allows small and medium-sized carriers to access Nominum software on a subscription basis. Their core products include SKYE CORE, SKYE SECURE, SKYE SEARCH, SKYE GOV and SKYE TRUST. Product icons for these are included with the brand assets.

When working to launch this brand, we collaborated heavily with Nominum's marketing group to come up with a visual metaphor that would both distinctive and memorable. The hummingbird was proposed as a way to represent fierce security. Hummingbirds are by nature, very feisty and never give up protecting their territory. Nominum DNS software is at the forefront of security. The name SKYE refers to the cloud computing model. The illustration style and color palette were designed to communicate feelings of strength and reliability.

After the initial brand launch, and creation of the brand guide, we worked with Nominum to design and implement the SKYE website, product icons and collateral.

Creative Director: Khaiersta English
Designer: Khaiersta English, Vince Lusardi, Laura Sherman, Alicia Mickes
Programmers: Matt Rabe

Khaiersta and her team at Flower Press Creative Studio have the unique ability to truly listen to their clients and create a seamless discovery process to end up with wonderful results. We have worked with FPCS for over two years and every project have been done with attention to detail and amazing creative input! end quote
 – Jessica Newman
  Marketing Manager
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