Jobs Nirvana Brand & Website
Jobs Nirvana
San Jose, CA

A responsive site for the world's first integrated Career Development Platform
Jobs Nirvana is the world's first career development platform for college students worldwide. Students find their ideal careers based on their passion, skills and personality, pursue it by developing relevant skills and achieve it by connecting to the right job. For employers, Jobs Nirvana, is an excellent place to recruit students and recent graduates for internships and entry-level positions based on their skills and personality traits. It is also A great way to engage with Universities and ensure that in-demand skills are being taught through their programs. Jobs Nirvana engaged Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC to handle the end-to-end build. We started with a product design document, moved on to wireframes and user testing, then worked on features for a phase one release. From there we created the brand identity. The mark, a dream catcher, represents the ability to filter and pass through just the good careers. The color palette is bright and cheerful. We kept the site clean and simple for ease-of-use. The website is built responsively so it can run on desktop, tablet and phone. Jobs Nirvana is built on a custom PHP core using MySQL. It integrates with Facebook Connect and a third party personality assessment software developed over the last 60+ years by Columbia psychologists. The algorithms are proprietary, and were designed for maximum effectiveness in pointing students toward their ideal career path.

Creative Director: Khaiersta English
Designers: Khaiersta English, Deborah Ro
Developers: Eric Baldoni, Matt Rabe, Dave Weaver
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